Hand-Crafted Mango Wood Bowl – Kerenza
A versatile handcrafted bowl made from beautiful mango wood. Streaks of colour ranging from yellow to even pink run through its grain.

Hand-Crafted Mango Wood Bowl

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Our handcrafted mango wood bowl accentuates the beauty and uniqueness of natural mango wood by allowing its grain to dictate its final shape.  Warm tones of mango wood are enhanced by subtle streaks of colour running though the grain that range from light beige to black with touches of green and yellow tones. Treating our mango wood bowl with mineral oil will beautifully accentuate the grain of this smooth handcrafted item.

Designer Frank Chimero says, “There’s the whole Buddhist thing about the essence of a bowl being its emptiness—that’s why it’s useful. Its emptiness allows it to hold something. I guess that means that design must talk about something else. If you make design about design, you’re just stacking bowls, and that’s not what bowls are for.”

What will your bowl hold, what will its purpose be? Perhaps you'll find it is just perfect for resting your fruit in.

Our Mango wood is sustainably harvested so you don't have to worry about deforestation when buying our handcrafted mango wood bowl. 


Style: Hand Crafted
Size: L29 x W27 x H6
Weight: 2.92 KG
Material: Mango Wood
Shipping: Free Standard Shipping to the UK

Special instructions: Not dishwasher safe. Rub wax or mineral oil into the wood to create a beautiful shine and a natural protective finish. Wipe down periodically with a slightly damp dust cloth.