Large Wooden Bamboo Chopping Board in End Grain – Kerenza
A beautiful handcrafted extra large bamboo chopping board made from end grain bamboo. Each piece is unique with bamboo strips set against one another creating a quite gorgeous pattern. Rounded finger grips on the ends allow you to easily pick it up. A juice groove runs around the edge to collect liquids preventing them from spilling on to your kitchen counter and keeping surfaces clean for you.
Extra Large End Grain Chopping Board in End Grain
Large Wooden Chopping Board
Large Wooden Chopping Board
Large Wooden Chopping Board
Large Wooden Chopping Board
Large Wooden Chopping Board
Large Wooden Chopping Board
Large Wooden Chopping Board
Large Wooden Chopping Board

Kerenza Organic Large End-Grain Bamboo Chopping Board

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Simple functionality in beautiful end grain

Don’t let its elegance fool you this is a tough board built to last.

Inspired by the quest to find the highest quality chopping board made from sustainable materials, the eco-friendly and beautiful bamboo known for its durability was settled on.  If you’ve bought a cheap bamboo cutting board, you’ll know about bamboo cutting board pros and cons from having owned one. The problems begin the moment they meet water. Moisture collects, the bamboo swells and very soon it starts to split and splinter. Before long the board no longer sits straight on your kitchen counter and finally it becomes dangerous to use.

The Kerenza board is designed to counter all those problems. We made an innovation using end-grain bamboo commonly found in the more expensive maple chopping boards and constructed the board so that it would last using a brick pattern. This makes Kerenza’s chopping board really tough and resistant to warping.

Each end grain chopping board is individually handmade and given a rigorous quality check to make sure it meets our exacting standards.

The board is finished with a carbonisation treatment that toughens it further and makes it even more resistant to the growth of bacteria and mould.

Give it a slick coat of a good quality food-grade mineral oil to further waterproof the board and you’re good to go. Pair oiling with air-drying your end grain cutting board and that’s all the love and maintenance it needs to serve you for years.

Using bamboo instead of the rarer hardwoods makes this an environmentally friendly chopping board. This ethos was behind every decision we took making our chopping board so that you get a quality piece that has been made in responsible and thoughtful way.

British design that is both stylish and multi-functional

Stylish curved handles and a juice groove make our organic large cutting board perfect use as a serving platter or to take your Sunday roast to the family dining table and use it as a carvery. Or give it as a special gift to friends and family members who love to entertain.

At 3 cm thick this board is robust enough to be used as a butcher's block. Its weight provides a reassuring rock-solid, non-slip surface for prepping the meat.


Measuring 45 x 35 x 3 cm, the Kerenza cutting board's large size provides you with ample room for creating impressive culinary presentations. Carve, chop, slice and, dice a variety of ingredients comfortably and safely all at once.

Better for the planet than plastic or wood

Our eco friendly chopping board is made from organic Moso bamboo known for its anti-bacterial properties but it is also a renewable resource that is more environmentally friendly than other wooden or plastic chopping boards making this an excellent choice for the eco-conscious chef - and the environment.  

Style: End Grain
Size: L45 x W33 x H3
Weight: 2.92 KG
Material: Organic Moso Bamboo
Shipping: Free Standard Shipping to the UK

Special instructions on chopping board care and cleaningIt should never be placed in a dishwasher or left standing immersed in water. Full stop. Use a little soap on a micro-fibre cloth to scrub the board clean and rinse under a running tap with hot water. Use a good kitchen antiseptic cleaner such as Dettol to eliminate bacteria. This should be sprayed on the surface and then rinsed off. Pat dry with kitchen towel. Most important: leave it to air-dry in an upright position. Coconut or tung oil or your preferred choice of waxes will waterproof the surface and keep it looking neat. Avoid olive oil or vegetable oils as these tend to go rancid with time. 

This board has been made using PVA glue which is approved by the US FDA as safe for food.

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