Various Sizes of Handmade Storage Jars with Brass Lids – Kerenza
A handsome medium sized handmade circular storage jar made from glass. It has lovely bright brass lid and is perfect for storing cotton balls.
A tall and handsome handmade clear glass storage jar with a bright brass lid. The jar is 20 cm tall and would look great on your kitchen counter or shelf. Perfect for storing coffee or sugar.

Various Sizes of Handmade Storage Jars with Brass Lids

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A handmade glass storage jar is naturally BPA free and a great replacement for plastic in the kitchen.

With a clear glass storage jar you can quickly see at a glance if you've got coffee or sugar before you make a mad dash to the shops. Seeds, nuts, oats - whatever it is you need to store - will stay fresh for longer and remain safe to eat and look lovely together on your kitchen shelves and counters.

These mason jars have large openings that make it easy to refill and scoop out what you need when you are prepping meals or making yourself a cup of coffee.

This retro-inspired glass jar with its bright brass lid will stylishly update your bedroom or bathroom whatever its style or colour. Pack it with cotton balls or display all those little shells you've been collecting on your holiday. Suddenly you have order and tranquility


Style: Handmade
Size: Medium L15 x W15 x H15 Tall L11 x W11 x H20 cm
Material: Clear glass
Shipping: Free Standard Shipping to the UK