FAQs – Kerenza


Is bamboo really eco-friendly or are bamboo forests cut down to make your chopping boards?

Firstly, cutting bamboo is possibly the most important ecological argument that makes bamboo unique. Each year mother bamboo plants send out many baby stems that quickly grow to their full height of up to 20 metres in only a few months. It takes a further five years for the stems to reach their full hardness.  In a well-managed bamboo plantation the five year old stems can be harvested again and again without harming the environment.

Why is moso bamboo better than using wood?

A typical tree takes about 50 years to reach its fullness and it can be cut down in a few hours. It is not difficult to foresee how if we continue to cut down our trees at the present rate to satisfy our need for wood products, this will lead to deforestation of our forests with devastating environmental effects for our planet. Moso bamboo is therefore the ideal replacement to increasingly scarce tropical hardwoods.

 CO2 : isn’t there a carbon footprint to transporting moso bamboo?

While it is true that global transportation of bamboo by sea and air can leave an environmental footprint, it is also true that during moso bamboo’s short life it absorbs masses of CO2 and produces almost triple the amount of oxygen needed to combat these emissions. 

Are panda bears threatened by the production of bamboo products?

Panda bears live in the mountainous areas in the centre of China far away from the regions moso bamboo is grown. They don’t even eat this species of bamboo so the production of moso poses absolutely no danger to them.

What is end grain and why do you think it makes your chopping boards better?

In bamboo, end grain is the bamboo seen when it is cut across the growth rings, rather than cutting along the length of the bamboo. Small blocks of bamboo are then glued together with the end grain side up. The end grain fibres absorb the impact of the knife blade so the chopping board is resistant to scratches and gouges giving the board extra durability and extending its life and attractive looks.