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Design for the Planetary Conscious

Hi, I’m Carol Roper and I am the founder of Kerenza.co. With Kerenza my goal is to bring into existence beautiful and enduring objects made from environmentally friendly materials like bamboo. I want them to add value to your life in ways that are mindful of our planet.

A chopping board might look like the most basic item you have in your kitchen but as a cook you know that it’s just as important as the knife you use, and because you love cooking you want the best tools. When you’re cooking and creating you appreciate when things work with you and not against you.

In the world of chopping boards quality is often elusive. Anyone who has bought a £20 chopping board on Amazon has seen how quickly they end up as throwaway objects and in a world where resources are infinitely precious this is something that we must avoid rewarding. 

Getting to know the problems allowed me to rethink how a bamboo chopping board could be made as a high-quality product. Learning about bamboo’s qualities and rethinking how it could be used in a fresh new way guided my design. Making a chopping board from end grain creates a surface that is kinder to the blade of your kitchen knife and maintains its sharpness for longer. A simple twist of the material and now you have an enduring object that gives you the surface you enjoy when using hardwoods like maple.

Understanding that the future is made by the decisions we take today, I seek to find ways to take care of the seemingly mundane and invent a suite of ways for the person who is on this journey with me which allows us to live more sustainably and responsibly.

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