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How to Clean Up the Ocean... The Hard Way

According to the UN, about 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enter our oceans every year.  This collects in five giant ocean rubbish patches called gyres, the largest one is located between Hawaii and California. Imagine: It’s twice the size of Texas!

Ocean Cleanup Foundation – a Dutch environmental non-profit - has designed a long U-shaped pipe stretching 600 meters which will collect ocean plastic waste. Propelled by wind and waves, the giant pipe known as System 001 will round up plastic debris in front of it.  System 001 is fitted with GPS-enabled buoys and remote controlled.

Ocean Cleanup System 001 pipe

Every few months a garbage-hauling boat will make trips to the pipe to remove the plastic waste it has coralled and bring it back to shore where it is hoped it will be recycled. Revenue gained from the recycling will be reinvested into cleaning up the other four ocean gyres.

Ocean Cleanup System 001 pipe San Francisco Bay

The brain-child of the project, Boyan Slat, believes that the size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch can be halved in just five years and, by 2040 90% of the ocean’s plastic waste will have been cleared.


See System 001 being launched in San Francisco Bay above and what it actually looks like now that it's in place.

We'll be watching System 001's evolution with great interest. Good luck to Boyan and the team at Ocean Cleanup.

In the meantime, why not #PassOnPlastic and use renewables :)

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